Nowadays the United States faces the deaths of 38 toddlers and over 120 pets every year on average and hundreds more injured. During the summer the overwhelming coverage of this subject has driven me to look for a cheap and applicable solution that can appeal to large car manufacturers. This project was meant to prevent unnecessary lost of lives as well as increase awareness of drivers.

What it does

This device essentially detects heat radiation from living presence as well as detects what and where in the car that object is. Upon detection it sends a notification directly to the driver's phone via text message (phone call optional).

How I built it

Using IR sensor, camera and a Raspberry Pi along with Nexmo messaging API, OpenCV and math, I was able to integrate all systems together to bring a functioning prototype. This prototype does not reflect a final product which will be an integrated chip that is a fraction of the price while maintaining the same functionality. Was programmed in Python.

What's next for Car Occupancy Reporter

Research and discover cheap methods to integrate the essential components into a single chip.

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