Our team found a common problem in the car buying experience - it's too long and boring - and we found that most Americans agree with us. We all want to spend more time looking at the car rather than having to negotiate prices with the car dealership sales people for hours on end. The three of us decided to create an app where people don't have to go through this time-consuming process.

What it does

We created an iOS app that allows users to filter and select a car model based on their preferences. Once they select the car, they are able to see more information about the car and an Augmented Reality model of the car. This allows them to see the inside and outside of the car from their phone as if they are seeing the car in person. In addition, they will also see a graph of the depreciation and the balance of their loan over time and we will give them a loan paying plan based on national averages.

How we built it

We began building our app simply with creating models for the cars in a 3D modeling software known as blender. After creating these models, we imported them into Xcode and created our iOS app mainly within there using Swift. We incorporated augmented reality technology and created animations to ensure an overall smooth user experience while still maintaining the functionality of the app.

Challenges we ran into

When we were trying to come up with the proper formula that would find us the optimal length a customer should pay their loan for, we quickly found out that there were so many various factors that go into calculating it. We eventually overcame this obstacle by looking at national averages for various factors that effect the optimal length, like interest rates.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For all three of us, this is the first time we had used blender and were generally happy with our proficiency with 3D model creation by the end of the hack. Besides this, we made leaps in Augmented Reality technology as we effectively established a mechanism through which a user can fully experience a first-person, immersive environment. Mathematically, we applied calculus techniques learned in the classroom to an applicable, economic situation when calculating the optimal period of payment for a automobile loan, based on depreciation of the specific vehicle.

What we learned

From our experience at hoohacks, technologically, we learned to use the blender 3D modeling software and incorporated models into an iOS development environment. We also learned a possible novel application of area between two curves as a viable method for optimization of a function dependent on periodicity of spending, interest rates, depreciation over time, and length of loan payments. Aside from technology, we learned that no matter how much sleep we lack, we can continue to work together efficiently and complete the task at hand.

What's next for Car Flex

As AR technology improves and 3D models become more accurate, we can incorporate the buying and selling of used cars. This would include the ability to take pictures of scratches and dents on the seller's car and overlay them with sophisticated 3D textures to give the user a realistic view of their potentially new car. Economically, we can fine-tune our cost-benefit analysis algorithm to incorporate factors such as leasing, APR financing, rebates, and trade-ins. Overall, there is a lot of potential

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