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It's something we've all done - walked aimlessly around a vast parking lot trying to remember where left the car. It's frustrating, embarrassing and a waste of valuable time. Car finder is a utility that will help you to locate your car immediately, every time.


You might think you have seen a lot of mobile car finder apps already. You can find a lot of similar apps for Android or iPhone mobile phones, but using those apps on mobile phone is very difficult. All the time when you are at the parking lot you need to stare at the display of your phone while searching for your car.


Look at our promotional video. The person is leaving the shop with both hands busy, carrying shopping and taking a phone call. Using Galaxy Gear 2 he can still manage to find the correct route to the car at the same time! That shows the advantage of the watch. You don't need to dig into your suitcase anymore to find your phone. All you need is around your wrist.

Easy to use, because of great well-thought out design

It's very easy to use the application. First store your position. You have many options to use when you park the car.

The interface was designed so that you can use any combination of available options. For instance, in the image we see somebody has parked the car using GPS and probably it was paid parking so he used Time limit option.


There are a lot of new options being added since round 1 of the contest:

  • Added support for Gear S
  • Created completely new advertising video, because the app has changed completely, so the previous one was wrong.
  • Added option to locate the car by taking a photo
  • Added option to take a voice note
  • Added timer, which you can use when you park with paid parking
  • UI improvements. All main functions are easily accessible from the main screen. The user can use any combination of given functions to park the car. For instance, you can store GPS position and take a picture at the same time.
  • As requested by the users, we added the possibility to change from kilometers to miles.
  • Added option to find the car with map (previously there was only radar).

This all makes the app best possible car finder you can ever find.

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