On the drive from London to Waterloo, our group wondered about the fuel costs and savings that could be attained through the use of cutting edge computer technology. In today's society, both the government and environment encourage youth to be passionate for the health of this planet. After all, Earth is the only planet that we all call home. Therefore, Car-Ffeine is an a initiative move to inspire the next generation of youth and the sustainability for all to enjoy the planet.

What it does

The program takes into account of multiple variables such distance, fuel costs, road conditions, and vehicle type to maximize efficiency of gasoline consumption. With the combination of mathematical equations, driving a car has never been more comfortable financially. All whilst saving money, this application advocates for environmental protection on top of all the priorities.

How we built it

As a foundation of the program, python and the web design languages (html, css) were are a perfect combination of computation power and aesthetic. Therefore, almost inevitably, Klask was the one of our main choices.

Challenges we ran into

We have had problems regarding the usage of python flask due to its new things that we have never experienced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The use of Google Maps API

What we learned

A project will take a lifetime to master. There are still many things to learn.

What's next for Car-Ffeine

Mobile, GUI, and more data.

Built With

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