Inspiration : Day to day problems faced by me while I drive.

What it does : It adjust all the rear mirrors of the car as soon as the car engine is initiated by the driver.

How I built it : I have used opencv and python.

Challenges I ran into : A challenge I am still working on is the terrain problem which is faced by the driver as the mirrors are adjusted with the drivers eyes and not the path he is following so as soon as he goes down a path he sees road and not the cars or vehicles behind him. I am planning to use a gyroscope for solving this issue.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : Machine Learning and Python with which I have spent more than 6 six years.

What I learned : Dealing with real life problems and tackling them with technology.

What's next for Car Driver Tuner : As I mentioned I have to deal with the issue of the Terrain problem.

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