The reason behind choosing this problem statement is my current semester's module. I have taken a business intelligence course where we will be making business solutions. Additionally, is my first introduction to the Microsoft power platform though we only worked with power BI. Knowing that most power platforms can be integrated, I decided to take this solution to learn more about other power apps and how to build business solutions as well.

What it does

The application that I am developing is fairly simple which is a database for Car Dealership records. An application is integrated to the database for users to input the details to the database in which it will be easier to format. The app can input and delete records from the database moreover it can filter and search for records as well. After data input, users can send receipts to a selected email.

How we built it

For the database, Azure SQL database is used. The SQL is then accessed through microsoft SQL server management studio. The application is built through a power app. There is an automated feature to send the pdf receipts to a specific email in which power automate is used and the pdf content is created using HTML.

Challenges we ran into

The powerapp subscription is not a premium version thus features are quite limited. The app could not be published and shared as well since it is made in an institute environment which needs approval for it to be published. I am also fairly new to power apps, power automate, and HTML so there are still many things to be learned prior to creating the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I managed to create a working application without prior knowledge and the topic which I myself am quite proud about. Extra features were added into the apps as well

What we learned

I learned several microsoft platforms, how pitching works, some technical knowledge, and manage to get a certification in AI

What's next for Car Dealership Database Application

More polished and more features can be added. Can extend to application outside of mobile as well.

Built With

  • azuresqlservice
  • html
  • microsoftsqlserver
  • powerapp
  • powerautomate
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