We were trying to work on the CAN bus on the Tesla and other cars, and we found that it was hard to do that. You need physical access to the car. There are no free tools that we can use to easily learn about how the electronics in the cars work.

What it does

It is a 3D application that simulates a car. It has a REST API that can be used to access the car's data from anywhere. Furthermore, it can emulate a physical car, by using the same REST API.

How I built it

We went through first working with the car, then exploring different simulation frameworks, and then finally choosing to modify a game. I then built a PHP REST API, that is fast. I then connected it with a SQL DB. I then implemented the Read and Write APIs for the simulation. I also implemented a basic emulation of a car (Tesla), but it's not tested.

Challenges I ran into

I had a lot of trouble with 3d Modelling. Trying to make it better was hard. Trying to get the REST API to work for a browser 3D game was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works.

What I learned

A lot about 3D, web frameworks, REST APIs

What's next for Car Control

It can be slightly modified for it to be used as an online platform for emulating self-driving algorithms. It can then also be simulated in real life. It can also be used for VR simulations

Built With

  • babylon.js
  • can
  • php5
  • rest
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