This project was inspired through a real life experience here in Pakistan there came an accident in which two people lost there life, due to vehicle belonging to a culprit of the past where the policeman shot the wrong person because the person who was driving the car bought it from an unreliable source -- the car had several penalties, and the person became a victim, so this gave us an idea why people are buying cars without any prior knowledge to what sort of person it belonged to .. in short the previous owner would have been a good person but what if it's previous owner did something dirty and that came later to the current person -- so that's where it call came to be we thought why not maintain Vehicle history and help verify the vehicle

What it does

Our product helps verify and maintain a chain of owners

How I built it

I built it by thinking of multiple case seriousness this product of ours was vary vast we had to limit it into a single module for now only ; and that's verification only

Challenges I ran into

The Challenges were selecting the right platform Finding how we will make revenue out of it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we are proud to establish our first block chain distributed ledger network where we have stored data

What I learned

we learned that block chain is a vast field of expertise we can add many things to it it has infintie possiblities

What's next for Car-Chain

Adding machine learning , IOt , Tracking System

Built With

  • ai
  • blockchain
  • bootstrap
  • hyperledger-composer
  • hyperledger-fabric
  • hyperledger-rest-server
  • image-recognation
  • mobileframework
  • vue-js
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