Car Assistant relies on the Smart OBD device to track your car events from the cloud.

Car Assistant helps you:

Report your mileage expense report at the push of a button.

We integrated, Concur and Orchestrate with Pebble in order to simplify mileage expense reporting. notifies you to your Pebble watch as soon as you complete a trip and allows you to submit the mileage expense report for that part of your trip to Concur by pressing a single button. All the driving information with the start and finish locations and mileage are included in the report.

All trip driving information is posted to Orchestrate DB to allow performing trip analytics later.

Talk to your car.

Did you find yourself sometimes talking to your car? With Car Assistant it can be useful though. If you forgot where your car is parked then you just need to send an SMS: "Where is my car" to your car and it will respond back with its location. Pretty handy when you rented a car on a business trip and you do not even remember how it looks.

You can also SMS: "What is the fuel level?" and the car will SMS the level back to you!

This was accomplished by integrating Nexmo to receive the SMS sent to Wit.AI to understand the question and to provide back the information.

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