A very unique type of instrument called the light wave inspired us to create our own version of a new electronic instrument.

What it does

The instrument is controlled by sliding, tapping or hovering your fingers on a capacitive touch sensor to create musical notes scaled like a piano. Leds are inside the instrument to flash as you play the notes or the flashes could teach and guide the user to play any song chosen online.

How we built it

Using cut up breadboards and capacitive touch sensors, we created our own unique touch pads. Next, the finger signals are run down to an arduino which is connected to the espa8266 wifi board that sends those signals to a computer. Lastly, the computer generates the sounds coming from the wifi board utilizing open sound control and a synthesizer.

Challenges we ran into

The wifi board was especially hard to control and would not connect to our network. However we solved that issue by researching and asking mentors for assistance. Also, the force sensors could not be shipped on time and so we cleverly though of combining breadboards and the capacitive sensors as replacement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have milled our own body of the instrument and wired the breadboards, touch sensors and leds all together in a tight space.

What we learned

We learned how to use a milling machine and a new way to use breadboards as replacement for force sensors.

What's next for CapWave

We can make the instrument better by adding more sensitive sensors, stonger leds and creating more programs such as the instrument tutorial program (Flash leds to guide the user to play any music online)

Built With

  • arduino
  • capacitive-touch-sensor
  • espa8266-wifi-board
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