Wanting to make a project in keeping with the theme of the hackathon, our group sought to capture the cowboy experience with a fun little game. This resulted in one of our members suggesting that we focus on the ranching side of the cowboy experience. From this, we decided to experiment with hand tracking, something our project had not previously worked on. This created the idea that you could wrangle cows by moving your hand around the cows as a form of lassoing them.

What it does

This is a game that requires the user to use their webcam. Different hand gestures must be made in order to capture cows of varying shapes and sizes. While the overall design is simple, our objective was to learn how to work with the hand tracking in order to make use of all the shapes that could be made from the hand. If you don't catch cows in time, they will escape off the screen. It's game over if too many cows escape!

How I built it

This game was mostly comprised of javascript. For the hand tracking aspect of this build, we used the library known as handtrack.js. We also used FireBase to store the scores of players who have played the game. The engine for spawning cows as well as the collision engine was created from scratch.

Assets used were:

Challenges I ran into

By far the most challenging aspect was working with handtrack.js library stuff. This was something that we had no prior experience with. A lot of the 1st 24 hours was spent working out how the hand tracking would function in the game. However, by working together we managed to properly and fully integrate the hand tracking part of the game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Effectively made use of handtrack.js to integrate different hand gestures
  • Aesthetically pleasing thanks to cohesive art style
  • Complete package of a game

What I learned

  • Learned to register domains & configure domain name servers
  • Learned handtrack.js library stuff

What's next for CaptureCows

Though this game was smaller in scale, we did want to implement other features such as enemy cows or mobile cows into the game. As a group, we love this cute little game that we created and would like to at least add in a few more features. If possible, we would wish to completely flesh the game out with multiple levels or different objectives. We do look forward to working together to making this project the best it can be.

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