I have previously developed some chrome extension that lets you take screenshots of your screen or recording of your screen right from gmail. Thought that it would be useful in case of as well.

What it does

This app lets you take screenshot or screen recording of your desktop right from your browser. No need to rely on any external tools to do this and then upload the file to Users can just open an item and just click on a button to take screenshot/recording and automatically attach it to the item. The files can be either posted as a update or attached to any existing file columns. The screenshot can also be edited right from the browser before attaching it to the item.

How we built it

Its built with the inbuilt screen capturing capability in the browser. The obtained stream is either saved as a screenshot or video recording.

Challenges we ran into

Being new to the apps framework it initially had some difficulty in understanding the file attachments but the community was very helpful in pointing me to the right direction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Was able to build this with none of the data moving out of without the use any 3rd party services.

What we learned

Apps framework is the new learning. Will be building a lot more apps very soon :)

What's next for Capture Screen

Right now the app has the capability to edit the image right form the tool. Planning to build a video editor as well so that user can clip the recording or blur out the sensitive information. Again all this right from the browser itself.

Built With

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