Content creators are going all-in on video. But why miss out on the potential traffic from blogging? This program allows full time video creators to convert thier videos into articles that will rank on search engines. The idea is inspired by Adrian's Youtube experience. Adrian has had over 1 million views on his YT channel.

What it does

Converts Youtube videos into articles. The articles will be indexed by google and will contribute extra traffic to your channel. Many brands, reviews, and testimonials are well consumed by text. Also this allows developing nations with slower internet to consume the content of the video without playing the video.

How we built it

React.js + AWS

Challenges we ran into

React state management, and my computer crashed twice

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The sheer amount of code we've written

What we learned

How to use AWS and create API. React. JavaScript.

What's next for captionTraffic

Engage more content creators to see market fit. Continue improving web application

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