Our Inspiration

With the number of users on Instagram and Twitter dramatically increasing, we've noticed how captions on posts can be out of place

Our Work

captionThis is a web app that can suggest captions and hashtags based on the photo you've uploaded

How did we do it

We incorporated the Clarifai API for image recognition, following this we've used another API to obtain quotes pertaining to the picture. The captions are generated using a similarity model that compares the quotes generated with the image features.


Integrating flask with machine learning code. Implementing a database


Successfully identifying the images and associating relevant quotes, creating the machine learning model

The learning process

A lot of Python and Mongo DB(We unfortunately couldn't use this :( )

Future steps

  1. Identifying how to make pictures relevant to current trends on social media
  2. Generate captions with heuristics(better model)

Built With

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