Caption This is a website application that aids hearing impaired students in understanding course materials. The website will be an open-source platform where students can upload videos of lectures and students can contribute close-captioning to these videos, where they will then be utilised by their hearing impaired peers.

How it works:

  1. Students will be notified through the Disabilities Resource Center (DRC) if there is a student in their class that has a hearing impairment.
  2. Once given the professor's permission, students in that class will have the ability to videotape the lecture and upload it onto the web app.
  3. Anyone in the community can add closed captions to the video (they can caption the entire 2 hours, or choose to caption only 2 minutes)
  4. The closed captions will be flagged for a moderator to review.
  5. Once approved, the moderator will indicate that the video has closed captions, and students with disabilities are free to watch the video!
  6. After watching the lecture, students will then be able to rate the quality of the closed caption video on a 5-star scale.
  7. If a video is rated less than 3 stars, the moderator will flag the video and open the video up for a re-caption.
  8. In the event that a lecture does not have closed captioning, a speech-to-text function will be implemented, until it can be replaced with closed captioning.
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