Rahul, Antonio, Shalom and I met at Code Jam with the intentions of learning whilst developing a simple program that is functional and relevant to the 21st century.

After intense brainstorming of ideas, we realized that people nowadays are certainly fond of recording their food choices and lifestyles on social media, specifically on Instagram. We also realized that many individuals reach a sudden brain dead moment where they cannot really come up with the best caption for their post. Therefore, we thought of developing an application that displays a caption for any food image that is uploaded by a user.

The backend runs on API made by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and we make sure that we dissect relevant information after image classification takes place and match the image tags to hard coded food item possibilities which allows the backend to return a caption.

This caption is retrieved by the front end and displayed to the user!

-Maneth Kulatunge (Contributor)

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