I have always loved the radio serials from the early half of the 20th century. I wanted to recreate a similar feel, right down to the naive silliness and cheesy comedy of that bygone era. With over 3.5 hours of recorded audio, a custom screenplay, and 9 voice actors, this adventure is packed full of fun, romance, and excitement!

What it does

Adventure! Danger! Excitement! These await you in Captain Stalwart: The Lost Temple of the Congo! Travel along with the Captain and his band of explorers as you choose which path to take in their quest for the lost temple! Navigate the seedy port town of Bambassa, guide our intrepid band of explorers through the jungle, up the Tigress River, and across the hot, blistering savannah to reach the mountain pass! This interactive story provides untold adventures allowing you to become the fifth member in the quest for the lost temple of the Congo! Strap up your boots, grab your compass, and let's be off!

Ever Searching! Ever Striving! Ever Stalwart!

How I built it

The skill itself is a fairly simple construct employing Node.js all within the Amazon AWS framework. The content was the real challenge! Having to write a screenplay, develop the tools to construct a choose-your-adventure style game, and compile the story into a dataset that supported easy navigation was the real challenge.

Challenges I ran into

I realized early that I would need to shift from a software developer to a content developer - making that transition and committing the amount of time to produce this skill was the most difficult challenge I faced.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Publishing the skill before my self-imposed deadline. Writing my first screenplay and receiving a copyright. Working with a talented and fun cast of actors and hearing my words come to life. And seeing how much fun people have with this silly, cheesy, corny, slapstick game.

What I learned

Perseverance pays off! If you have a dream, stick to it and don't even consider not achieving it!

What's next for Captain Stalwart: The Lost Temple of the Congo!

Many more adventures await the Captain and his band of faithful friends! Tune in next week when little Timmy says, "Hey, somebody get the Llama out of my tent!"

If you want to see the game in action, check out the YouTube videos posted by AllAroundAudrey at the following links!

Episode 1: Episode 2:

Have fun!

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