Inspiration: Initially, our team desired to create a pun generator bot to convert names and keywords into puns that could be used as photo captions or even promposals! With the scope of this idea, we modified the purpose to create captions for pictures, because doing so is a constant struggle for many teenagers.

What it does: Captain Caption creates captions for any photos. You chat with the bot on messenger, kik, twitter, or several other platforms, and answer a couple of questions to get a caption related to the desired image.

How we built it: Utilizing gupshup and Javascript, we coded Captain Caption.

Challenges we ran into: Debugging the code was a challenge because we did not know where to start looking. All team members had to contribute to seek possible errors and break down the logic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Gupshup has officially approved of Captain Caption in the short time that we attended the hackathon and anyone can search for our bot on telegram. Our team is proud that our original vision for this hack turned into something tangible, and could be expanded to so much more.

What we learned: We learned to work together as a group and strengthened our friendship with each other through problem solving. We also learned how to code a bot as this was the first time for all of us.

What's next for Captain Caption: There are countless possibilities for Captain; we hope to add image processing to detect keywords from an image instead of having to type them manually.

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