We have over 5000+ races in typeracer.

What it does

Typing game with newer fast-paced gamemodes

How we built it

We used react to build the front-end with a simple http-server back-end to handle web-sockets.

Challenges we ran into

  1. States, Sockets and Hooks...
    • ran into useEffect() hell having to listen to so many different game events
    • at some point in our implementation, a combination of useState and useEffect resulted in a memory leak
      • not fun having to try fix an otherwise working frontend at 2am
  2. IntelliSense more like Dumbtellisense >:(
    • was working fine for all other projects, but suddenly decided that things like suggesting imports were too high IQ
  3. 400k word human genome project dictionary
    • reading a 400k word into memory takes 10000 years and sucks to parse into memory
    • resolved to reading chunks at a time and using a 200 IQ moving window binary search

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Using web sockets for the first time
  2. Finishing

What we learned

  1. Why some people hate JS
  2. TailwindCSS is pretty cool
  3. is amazing

What's next for CAPSLOCK

  1. Single player mode against an AI or other players
  2. More gamemodes to play with your friends
  3. Limit Attack & Defend words to a chosen topic
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