Have you ever taken a picture with a group, swarmed by a mob of parents? You don't know which camera to look at as you are blinded by the flashes and ignoring the pain on your face from smiling. CapShare eases this pain by streamlining the sharing of photos.

What it does

Simply take a picture, visit our site, create an album, and upload your pictures. This album is associated with geographical coordinates, and nearby users also on the site can access the album with an optional passcode. Each album also comes with a link you can manually send to friends and family.

How we built it

We used an Angular frontend with Firebase's real-time database and file storage. Travis CI automatically deploys our GitHub repository to Firebase hosting.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had initial troubles coming up with an idea and fleshing it out.
  • Coding together simultaneously took some work. We first tried Cloud9 Online IDE, but encountered a few hiccups, so we moved back to traditional committing via Git.
  • We also had issues with uploading pictures to Firebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coordination and allocation of different work. Some of us were experienced in Angular and did mostly dev work, while others did design, presentation, etc.

What we learned

  • You have to make compromises and trade-offs in order to deliver a product efficiently
  • When you have a big challenge, break it down in to smaller problems
  • We learned a bit about AWS while setting up Cloud9 IDE

What's next for CapShare

We could integrate this not only with smartphones, but also interface with Wifi SD Cards which automatically upload the photos for events like weddings. We could also use facial recognition to build profiles of people, and automatically suggest sending photos to friends and family based on who we detect in the photo.

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