When our team got together, we talked about how we were all passionate about mental health and wanted to submit a project for the healthcare track.

So we conducted research in our community through interviews to find out what people do to unwind and what barriers are currently making it difficult for them to build those things into their daily routines. We found that most people placed a high value on mindfulness practices like journaling, breathing and meditation, and being exposed to nature, but they struggled to make them a consistent habit.

For some, it was hard to remember to do these things, inconvenient to take time out of their day, or they lacked the resources they need.

The solution our team came up with for this problem is to create a virtual centralized mental health platform that gives users the ability to personalize a daily calendar by scheduling in time for mindfulness features that you find valuable.

Our website offers a multitude of features, such as coloring pages, breathing exercises and timers, quotes about mindfulness, cute and joyful pictures and videos to boost your spirits, a private journaling space, and a nature area with the ability to water your own plants and listen to nature sounds.

We designed it through Figma and utilized Figma animation and attempted HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. We didn’t have time to implement all of this code, so we are showing you a prototype of what we could finish in the 24 hours we had.

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