The World Health Organization recommend a global detecting testing of the population.

How does one conduct the highest possible number of tests and centralize data in a record time?

Capp19's proposal is as follows:

Simplify data entry by creating a unique tracking number to facilitate the transmission of this information between patients, laboratories and healthcare professionals. This scientific data, previously made anonymous, will be recorded on a blockchain.

The objectives of Capp19 are:

1 - Accelerate enrollment 2 – Looking Immediately after those positive 3 – Give reliable data for researchers in their fight against the virus

All this using a free tele-medicine service and the application will be available in all countries, on mobile devices (iOS and Android).

How does it work?

You are at home; you upload the app and register your email and telephone number to connect. For the patient, you must 'click' to fill out the form. Your sex and age will be required, and you have the possibility to state in the beginning whether you have the symptoms related to the virus and information concerning clinical condition. This is the only data required.

Once filled in, the application generates a personal QR-Code which you will be asked to give to the tester. When the laboratories have tested the samples, a notification will be sent to you with the results. You can make regular updates of your symptoms. If you are positive, you will be asked to contact your local GP or call a special number.

You and your relatives can from now on be diagnosed and taken care of in a short time. For more information, rendez-vous on

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