it was a time crunch... because the project that we where tinkering on all night wasn't working out. We were told that our original project was too much work for the considerable data the we would be pushing out.

What it does

It will search for a 5 day proximity and it will check if it has to be a necessary transfer.

How we built it

We used java and it is still currently a work in progress.

Challenges we ran into

Nessie faced infinite number of hunters, many of whom had wounded her with bullet holes. But she still remains strong in her humble abode of a lake. .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to do this in under three hours of stressful crunch time.

What we learned

Large scale data processing and simple large data comparisons.

What's next for Caponeamerica parser

After protecting America from the numerous attack from Hydra, Cap will go on to defend Nessie. with the same patroitic fervor he has displayed his entire life.

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