Simple way to transfer money to friends and family directly from your banking account.

What it does

Cap One allows users to transfer money between their account and others. It is also capable of finding nearby ATMs.

How we built it

We used Capital One's Nessie API to deal with all banking solutions

Challenges we ran into

Difficulties interfacing javascript packages with Capitol One APIs, accepting set backs, lack of rest, formatting JSON objects

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the Alexa skill to work with Capitol One API, learning javascript on the fly, creating the first intent for Alexa

What we learned

How to manage our time effectively, javascript, integrating APIs with Alexa

What's next for CapOne RamHacks 2017

Adding security and authentification, proper user validation, integrating with the Capitol One Alexa skill

Built With

  • capital-one-api
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