I really wanted to make a Volumetric Video streaming on a 5G Network. I have a Magic Leap Mixed Reality Augmented Reality Glasses and doing a lot of Volumetric Video and futuristic advanced prototyping. I completed this weekend the first iteration proof of concept of a full James Davis Future 5G Immersive Volumetric Video, 5G Streaming 4K UHD Video and many interactive components to help the artist, discover the artist, gain revenue and grow audience fan base and engaged audience. It is nice we could do the Volumetric Video with RYOT and Verizon 5G Labs in Playa Vista to have Volumetric Video and Spatial Audio of James Davis group from Motown and Capitol Records and get the stipend from Verizon and extra day at their lab. I want to bring Augmented and Mixed Reality to the people with Android and Apple AR, VR and AR Mixed Reality Spatial Computing Experiences in the next generation 5G network on Verizon.

What it does

I have completed the Android App foundation. The App Streams from Amazon S3 Bucket into Unity Android app in 5G a 6GB James Davis Music Video in 4K UHD. It streams down what would take 10 minutes on cable or wifi in seconds on Verizon 5G. The next Scene Streams down from Amazon the Volumetric Video and is the foundation of the AR Mixed reality and 360 VR experiences with 3D Assets and Volumetric Video provided by Verizon 5G Innovation Labs and the James Davis Motown Capitol records music group is dancing and singing their hit song Cream as volumetric 360 Holograms and of life-like size. I also created the foundation and proof of concept of the Volumetric Video Streaming from Amazon as mp4 file and into Google ARCore so that you can view with Magic Leap Augmented Mixed Reality Glasses and AR Glasses but designed now for Android Unity App output.

How I built it

Created numerous foundation scenes. ARCore Scene for Augmented Mixed Reality Scene, Volumetric Video Scene with Volumetric Video filmed at Verizon Innovation 5G Labs, Imported and animated in Unity as Holograms VSF Microsoft Files. Placed in Unity 3D environment, coded ARCore initial scene to provide screenshot from mobile proof of concept of Augmented Mixed Reality experience scenes. Imported Streaming Assets to Amazon S3 Streaming Video bucket and connected to Unity for streaming. Used Spatial 360 Audio in Unity Tested on Google 3XL Mobile phone successfully. Tested at Verizon 5G Innovation Lab R&D Facility in Los Angeles. Have foundation ready for more scenes and buttons to link to their social, engage in crowd, chat room irc with Twitter linking, cryptocurrency engine with Ethereum wallet and other forms of payment, Fan club emojis, Mixed Reality and 360 VR experiences first iteration, next step will be to quickly finalize the components and launch the full app on Apple iTunes and Google Play Store.

Challenges I ran into

There were initially problems with the package to import, but it eventually worked for the Volumetric Video, it is hard to stream the volumetric video in Unity and very large video files, takes time for Unity to render, There was very short time to get this first proof of concept build completed but to successfully show the Volumetric Video Music Video and the 4K UHD 5G Streaming Capability of the Unity app as well as the AR and VR Mixed Reality Experience. With more time than just from 4pm on Sat-9am on Sunday it would have been more complete project more extensively.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I completed the proof of concept to create a Volumetric Video App in Android, also a Mixed Reality experience in 360VR and ARCore Augmented Reality for Google Android and to utilize 5G to stream the volumetric video and 4K UHD assets to the James Davis Experience app.

What I learned

I learned more Unity, Google AR Augmented Reality ARCore, Volumetric Video, and 5G Streaming, using more APIs like Twitch and Spotify.

What's next for Capitol Records Verizon 5G Labs James Davis Experience

To win this and complete the next app and more AR and Volumetric Video Experiences for Verizon 5G Innovation Labs and Capitol Records as well as Motown.

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posted an update

Verizon has 3 APK samples the Volumetric Video Scene, The 5G Streaming to Unity Media Player Scene. I also have the ARCore Mixed Reality AR Scene, which sample photo proof of concept is above. The video is copyright w music, so I can only show that music video privately to Capitol Records and Verizon 5G Innovations Lab Team. Successfully made the app foundation and plan for finalizing the app with many more features rapidly and do more Volumetric Video Capture and Music Videos.

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