I enjoy the Hackathons at Capitol Records put on by Ching Ching and I do revolutionary work that has never been done or seen before innovating with future technologies. I love the photos of the top Music Stars in the hallway leading to the Iconic Studio A in the Capitol Records building at Hollywood and Vine and I wanted the Stars to come out of the Photos as digital twin digital human holograms in reality with AR Glasses on and also interact with you and music plays and interfaces to purchase songs and virtual tour and hologram tours.

What it does

Capitol Records Magic Leap AR Glasses Experience. The user puts on Magic Leap AR Glasses and they walk down the hall of capitol records Studio A hall and Digital Twin Virtual Human Holograms of the stars appear out of the wall.

How I built it

I took photo of Star on wall. I created animated 3d avatar obj file from Avatar SDK. I input that 3d model into Unity and I clean up the model and texture it. Then I place it in the reality landscape so you can see the 3D Model as a hologram in Magic Leap in reality with the AR Glasses on. I also set up Image Tracking and Image Targeting so that when you say look at a picture of Nat King Cole on the wall then that will trigger the Hologram of him to appear and come out of the photo and the wall into the reality so you can see him as a 3D hologram.

Challenges I ran into

There is not enough time from 1p Sat to 1p Sunday to complete the project but this works and it is worth developing and completing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating 3D Avatar from Photo. Creating Celebrity Holograms. Placing Holograms in Reality with Magic Leap AR Glasses via Unity. Setting up photo on wall as image target and image tracking. Completing Project for Proof of Concept on Future Prototype AR Glasses Technology.

What I learned

Learned more on Image Tracking and Targeting. More on Creating Digital Human Twins 3D Holograms

What's next for Capitol Records Magic Leap AR Glasses Experience

I deserve funding on this to take the time to do an exceptional AR Magic Leap AR Glasses experience with Capitol records and finish this project.

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