I have Bose AR Glasses and I wanted to do Location Based audio tours. With their Beta Cloud now I can do that and preview that app completion.

What it does

Tourists Pay to Rent Bose AR Glasses with a Geolocation Geofenced Tour of Hollywood Stars of Music Legends from Capitol Records. You put glasses on, a welcome audio message starts welcoming them to the experience and tells them how to swipe for more and where to walk to start the tour, as they walk along Hollywood Blvd the Bose AR Cloud App has Geolocation and Geofencing as well as 3 inputs for headpose tracking and more. So when they get to the Capitol Records stars location on Hollywood Blvd the Bose AR app plays and tells them about the artist with fun facts. There are 3 inputs for people to be able to get more messages as the move their head around at each location. Then they move to each additional location. Then they return the glasses and get their deposit back. I can run a profit within one day and pay for the glasses. Also can guide people to point of sale purchases and music events in Hollywood.

How I built it

Bose AR Glasses, Bose AR Create Cloud Beta

Challenges I ran into

Limited cohesive Instruction, Beta with problems to access. Can't do this indoor only GPS needs beacons for indoors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completed concept and template with Geolocations and sample audio and can be played in Bose Radar as sample.

What I learned

That I can accomplish these apps I want to create

What's next for Capitol Records Bose AR Hollywood Experience

To get funding to complete this app and sell advertising to local businesses and rent the Bose AR Glasses to Tourists for the walking tour.

Built With

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