The Inspiration behind The LionX Umbrella Project built on the Tron Blockchain, "Capitol Lion Music Network" is to empower Creators & Their Communities/Supporters. This Network will Ultimately Create New Opportunities of Ownership through developing a platform layer to home a New Digital Asset Class built around Music. We believe the NFT standard will evolve a wide variety of Traditional Industries which will organically place ownership opportunities for everyday people, other than just accredited investors &/or Corporations. The NFT standard connects Creators and Their Communities on a brand new level which is all publicly verifiable via The Blockchain. "Capitol Lion" is on a structured mission to Decentralize the Traditional Music Scene by leveraging the capabilities of Web3.0

What it does

This Platform is Self- Governed & Built around The Utilities of Music NFTs. A Network organically developing a Market of Music, Native to The TRON ecosystem. The Process of Tokenizing Music creates a New realm of opportunities for both Creators & Communities. Capitol Lion will strive towards creating a Decentralized Playground for The Creativity process of Music development. We're seeking to create a Globalized Network on The Tron Blockchain which Main focus is to evolve the Traditional Music Scene. The NFT standard will create an Environment where things become successfully automated without the need of Human Interference. This Business Motto is Naturally changing Traditional Operating systems of all kinds. We want to show the world that shared progression of success is possible through this New Digital Age. The "Capitol Lion" Music Network Platform is built up into (3) Main Foundational Features which consist of a Music DAO, Music NFT Launchpad, & Market Place better known as (Music Markets). Our Network will develop opportunities through Fractionalized Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights from Products, Services, Tools & Resources native to the platform. This will organically promote productivity within the Evolution of Music.

How we built it

The Team behind the LionX Ecosystem "CoreX", is Integrating Capitol Lion Music Network as an Official LionX Umbrella Project. The 1st step is to create a Decentralized Governing Operating system within the Music Network. This is made Possible by the Genesis NFT Collection, Check out the Minting site Here , Holders of this Collection will ultimately be the Solid Foundation of this Digitized Music Infrastructure. The benefits of Becoming a Genesis Holder is that you're instantly granted The Governance Rights within the Network, which consist of Economics, Community, & Underlining Technology of Capitol Lion Music Network. Early access to Capitol Lion's Music NFT Launchpad & Royalties from Network Productivity, are granted to Genesis Holders as well. As stated in previous passage, the (3) Core functionalities of The Capitol Lion Music Network is It's Music DAO, Music NFT Launchpad, & The Capitol Lion Music Markets (Secondary Markets). We're seeking to Play a Vital Role in the Evolution of Music. Web3.0 & NFT standards will kick off a new era of Music through Fractionalized Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights, which ultimately benefits the foundational connection between Creator & Community.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we face is finding a wide variety of ways to onboard users of all walks of Life. At this current state of Web3.0 & Blockchain Technology, it's still very Complexed. We are seeking to create a platform that's simple enough for everyone to use it. A Simple & Fun User Experience without technically knowing the technicalities of functionalities implemented behind the scenes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Biggest Accomplishment within The development of The Capitol Lion Music Network is seeing the feedback from our LionX community. The CoreX Team are The Visionaries behind the LionX Project, which is Built on The Tron Blockchain. LionX is an Ecosystem of Networks seeking Self Sustainability & Decentralization through a Community Driven effort. The Ecosystem of LionX Welcomed the Brand new Umbrella Project with open arms. We're extremely grateful to have a community with a Mindset of Longevity for Lions & Tronics as a Whole.

What we learned

We've Learned so much during this initial process of seeking to Evolve the Industry of Music Overall. We've Learned the Opportunities being Developed around autonomous & Immutable systems are knocking down the walls, set by traditional gate keepers. The key to positioning is having a long term plan, with an order of execution. Visualize then integrate, is a Motto that we've learned and embodied over our Journey of seeking Decentralization for our Networks.

What's next for Capitol Lion Music Network

We're seeking to expand the Music Network & attract Creators of all kinds containing Music Content. When you Think of The Digital Frontier of Music, we want the Entire Crypto Verse to Think TRON Network. After The Governance is Successfully established through The Genesis NFT collection, Capitol Lion's Next step is to Build a Quality catalog of Music NFTs through our Launchpad to showcase the talent of the Network. During this Time we will encourage productivity of Collaboration and Team Building with Social Networking environments & events hosted by CoreX. Decentralized Finance will also be integrated into the Music Ecosystem. Once our Music Catalog is Active, other sectors of The platform will be released and users outside of Genesis NFT Holders will have access to the platform + it's tools and resources.

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The Market Cap of Music Related Crypto projects = $320 M

Global Music Streaming Market size was Valued at $29.5 B in 2021

Market size is Projected to reach $77 B by 2027

The Tron ecosystem has no exposure to these markets. We’re seeking to change that with Capitol Lion Music Network.

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