It All comes down to Decentralization, Open Verifiability & Fair Opportunities. We want to create environments and implement these necessities into Traditional Industries and Markets. NFT standards can potentially create sovereignty within highly manipulative & dictating industries such as Entertainment. The lack of tools and resources accessible to creators & communities drove us to release the game-plan around Capitol Lion and it’s evolved Functionalities. We also believe this platform will be a great way to educate The World about the opportunities presented by Blockchain Technologies. The Objective of Creating an Entertainment hub on top of Multiple Web3 Frameworks, governed by the people is a very inspirational statement to us.

What it does

Capitol Lion is a Web3 Platform built around Music/Entertainment. This Decentralized Environment is overlooked by it’s very own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). When entering the Realm of Capitol Lion you’ll immediately have access to Creating NFT(s) pertaining Music/Entertainment. There’s also an in-house Launchpad which is utilized to spotlight upcoming Music/Entertainment on the platform. Another perk is that Capitol Lion has a built in Marketplace for auctioning, buying, and selling of Intellectual property rights that are Tokenized through the NFT creation process. Streaming will also be available as well, which gives users the ability to Listen and Watch NFTs that are native to Capitol Lion. This is where activity is tracked and incentives are possible for NFT owners within the Platform. Metaverse exposure through strategic partnerships will allow Creators to host events to showcase their Music/Entertainment to the Multi Chain environment of Capitol Lion. Storefront integrations such as “LionX NFT Store” will also be available in Capitol Lion’s Metaverse realms. These integrations will allow creators to deploy NFTs backed by Merchandise. These NFT(s) are redeemable for the Physical Item(s) or Digitized Version(s) that will be compatible with Metaverse avatars. The Capitol Lion Platform will evolve into a Social Networking Environment for community members. Create a profile within Capitol Lion and build your Reputation through Contributions & Engagement/Networking. The Activity & Credibility of Creators, Communities, & Collectibles will become easily viewable with these brand new social experiences presented by this Entertainment Platform.

How we built it

After countless hours of virtual meetings, This Platform was built by a group of great hearted individuals from all over the World. Music & Entertainment reconciles with everyone and is a great tool for connecting one another. I believe this played a Vital role within the development of the bond & relationship within the team... Entertainment is extremely powerful, No matter where you're from, there's a genre that relates to you, I think this made the early stages of structing the game plan very easy to comprehend. Meanwhile, Daily operations continued to be carried out through a collective effort of team work, which granted us the opportunity to formulate a Family oriented Environment embodying the Main target of Longevity. The Team behind this project is extremely passionate on how The Capitol Lion Platform ultimately becomes established long-term. We take pride in the resources we're developing in the Web3 space and are excited to showcase our work. The technicalities of the foundational infrastructure can be found via GitHub which is displayed below.

Challenges we ran into

A very Big obstacle we've had to overcome is simplicity. The ability for users to access the Platform no matter crypto experience level. It's been a challenge to give the user an experience that remains suitable for Beginners &/or Web3 Veterans. We also wanted to make a platform to spotlight the innovative utilities implemented within the platform without over exposing the user to techy blockchain language. Ultimately we're proud on how we're able to come together to develop a universal feel for our community and user base.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Formulating a digital democracy around Music & Entertainment is something the team is extremely proud of. The Collective effort of Creating a Decentralized Environment for the People is one of our cherished accomplishments while constructing the Capitol Lion Music/Entertainment Platform.

What we learned

We've learned a lot over the course of Developing the full layout of Capitol Lion, Especially from one another. Our team is full of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. We were able to blend our styles together to form a theme that could withstand a universal feel, whether the user is in the Caribbean or India we had to figure out ways to make the platform welcoming to all walks of life.

What's next for Capitol Lion

What's Next For Capitol Lion Entertainment is to establish our overall network in becoming a blue chip Web3 Entertainment Hub not confined to one blockchain. We want Capitol Lion to evolve into a one stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. Whether it's Networking for collaborative work or just hanging out to catch a vibe, We want Capitol Lion to become the Place to Be!

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