Had the inspiration of making something to see how the capital system worked. Unfortunately due to time, I was not able to make my own database and import everything from Capital One. So I used their server.

What it does

It basically creates customers, accounts, purchases, transfers,gathers the data and does a simulation that can run for a while. If I had access to the backend (if had time to import... Almost done if only just a couple more minutes) I wouldve been able to make it much more smoother with many fewer (and I mean many fewer requests).

How I built it

basically built by sending request and receiving responses (JSON of course) and with a loop keep on simulating what could be happening

Challenges I ran into

Time and no Front-end. I am able to design a pretty good backend, unfortunately with no front end spent most of my time attempting to build a map and update according to the results. Results as you see are no good.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was actually able to get it running the requests(until capital one server kicks me out :p) was able to let it run for a couple of minutes if not hours (went to sleep :p)

What I learned

Learned a lot, how having access to the backend is key to making a design with many fewer request and responses needed to be sent.

What's next for CapitalOneSimulator - No GUI

Next will be importing the data to my own database and continue building off from there by making jobs, a merchant with an actual account with money and attempt to run the U.S economy as close as possible. Cant forget that I still have to worry about the frontend of the projects...........

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