We got inspired by the CapitalOne team who suggested we create something to innovate on transaction and financial technology. We decided to apply our knowledge on ethereum blockchain in order to integrate with regular bank accounts.

What it does

It connects your Ethereum wallet via a chrome extension with your Capital One account using the Nessy API exposed by them,. This API allow us to connect with the bank customers mock data, so we can simulate transactions of USD money from their accounts to crypto currencies

How we built it

We used the API exposed by Capital One, a remote Ethereum Node running on Infura Infrastructure Provider connected to the Metamask Chrome Extensions that allows to manage your Ethereum accounts, sign transactions, move money, etc. The app was developed using React and totally serverless with the Metamask authentication system.

Challenges we ran into

We ran totally into the Capital One challenge. Also we got into the Home Depot challenge, because we think that Ethereum connected to your bank account is a very good opportunity to provide better financial inclusion, and can provide value for companies by allowing payments in Ethereum/backed crypto.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We connected successfully the transaction system. Also, the price datas and growth rates are actual real data taken from Kraken API which allow us to check crypto currency markets live.

What we learned

We learned to identify users by their Ethereum accounts and provide an interface to sign transactions.

What's next for CapitalOneCryptoExchange

We think that the next step after validating the proof of concept is to talk with the CapitalOne team to have access to their production API, so we can test more accurately our platform.

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