Money matters can be very messy even when you have to settle it with a formal acquaintance, close friend or family. By the use of technology, we can develop an application that can resolve this kind of real-time awkward situations. CapitalOne Splitter is the answer!

What it does

The interactive prototype walks you through the design of this application such that you can split a bill with a friend or a group of friends who have an account with CapitalOne or a common money transfer service if available between the respective banks (eg. Zelle)

How we built it

We conducted a small focus group of 4 people asking them questions about what they would like in an application such as the CapitalOne Splitter. Based on the answer, we conducted affinity diagramming and prioritized the top most requested features. Then we created a low fidelity prototype by sketching the scenes on paper. Then utilizing and, we created high fidelity wireframes and interactive prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding the user needs to integrate important features. Limited utilization of

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Conducting a focus group to understand user needs. Then conducting user testing with the final prototype and receiving positive and constructive feedback.

What we learned

Use of inVision Application and importance of the same for user testing

What's next for CapitalOne Splitter

Development of the application and integrating with CapitalOne

Built With

  • invisionapp
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