I am a frequent traveler and great follower of Warren Buffet. I started quite early in terms of earning money saving and investing (at the age of 15) . In fact, I made good money by uploading an application "Hackers home" which was among the top ten application on the Google Play Store in the year 2010 and after that endeavor whatever I earn, I prefer to re-invest it: Mutual funds, Insurance, Stocks and got great returns and it got me thinking about developing a product which would help people to save money and manage personal finance at their fingertips.

What it does

Capitally is a personal finance app helping everyday people achieve their goals of saving money and providing an easy way to access and manage money from the multiple bank accounts in one single application. Problem :

  • People have to use multiple banking apps to check the transactions and net worth.
  • Difficulty in saving money and creating the budget.
  • Difficulty in accounting.
  • Difficulty in calculating net worth, expense analysis.

Solution :

  • MOBILE BANKING : See all of your accounts in one place, manage your transfers and take control of your money. Win at saving, watch your money stack up.
  • FINANCIAL INSIGHTS : By using Capitally, you can create trackers for any of your habits to see how much you’re spending month- over-month or total for the year.
  • AUTOMATED SAVINGS : Save automatically without feeling short on cash. Decide what triggers a deposit, then improve your daily habits and build your savings with a lot less effort.
  • AUTOMATED ACCOUNTING: Automatically export /download the transactions. No manual data entry. Match and reconcile transactions with a click.
  • GOALS & BUDGET MANAGEMENT : Start saving for the important things, whether they’re must-haves or nice- to-haves. Create goal and set budget to save more money. ## How we built it We built it by creating an android app, web based client portal, Facebook chatbot, slack chatbot, web services. ## Challenges we ran into The tie-up with the providers. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We have a great team, we are proud of that. ## What we learned We learned about blockchain which taught by the amazing mentors. ## What's next for Capitally Currently, we are in beta stage. Next will be the official launch of the capitally app.
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