Inspired by the drive to improve customer's lives in all aspects by empowering them to have powerful and convenient insights into their finances. Did you know that by tracking spending you can:

  • Improve your Relationships with your Significant Other: Money is the leading cause of relationship stress.
  • Save Huge! By reining in your impulsive spending by tracking what you've been spending.
  • Build Confidence: Build confidence by knowing your well on track to your financial goal, or atleast what direction to begin heading towards
  • Social Security could dissipate by 2035, so now is the time to care about your finances
  • According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, the vast majority of Americans reported feeling stressed about money during the past month.

What it does


Taps into a user's Capital One Account to provide insights into their spending. Benefits clearly explained on demo page.

  • Spending information is presented on a daily basis during the past week which allows users to make informed decisions about their spending.
  • Monthly Spending by Category section which provides insights for the Capital One user to know which categories they are spending more money on and can improve budgeting.
  • We also provide top 3 Daily Purchases per day to be shown to the user. Included in the Chatbot


The Capital One Finance Hack Chatbot empowers the user by allowing them to tap into their financial information from the comforts of their phone.

  • Provides top 3 daily purchases per day to be shown to the user
  • Provides daily purchase amount
  • If you go to the website, the chatbot appears to be a full sized mobile application.

How I built it

Build with React, AWS, Capital One. Look at the Architecture Image in the slide or refer to the github:

Challenges I ran into

  • First time creating a Chat Bot
  • Little to no exposure to React across the Team

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Providing a socially and financially good application that can truly help consumers.
  • Creating a Chatbot that leverages a lot of our existing work to provide valuable financial insights to customers from the comforts of their phone.
  • Looks absolutely amazing on both the desktop and mobile application!

What I learned

  • I was sponsored by Coffee and Red Bull. Thank you for letting me create something I'm proud of.
  • A LOT about React after fumbling around for many hours
  • How to setup a Chatbot in React leveraging AWS Machine Learning.

What's next for Capital One Financial Hacks

  • Improving on the existing capabilities and providing more valuable insight into spending information than what currently exists. PREDCTIVE FORECAST OF SPENDING would be absolutely amazing to look into leveraging some Machine Learning.

Team Members:

  • Branden Lee: Full Stack Developer ❤️
  • Daniel Kim (Yong Kim): Full Stack Developer❤️
  • Jacqueline Kim: In charge of making the UX❤️
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ COFFEE AND RED BULL ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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