Many of the members in our group have been interested in stocks and have been learning how to relate coding to stocks. We decided to create this project to combine our love for coding with our interests in the stock market.

What it does

This project gives the customer an option to choose the level of aggressiveness for their trading strategy and then invests their money with real stocks based on successful backtested algorithms.

How we built it

We used python to build algorithms to trade stocks that run on Quantopian's servers.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we had was trying to find successful trading algorithms that matched the level of aggressiveness. We needed algorithms that had actual positive returns and had the same risk as the level specified.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of being able to adjust the code of our algorithm in order to match however conservative or aggressive the customer wanted their strategy to be.

What we learned

We learned how to optimize a trading strategy as well as the difficulties that come along with pleasing the customer and making sure that their money and return on investment comes first.

What's next for Capital One Core Investments

We believe that the next step is to create a fully functional login system that connects to the Capital One servers can be implemented with an ability to invest the customer's real money. Of course, the strategies need to be further tested for risk ratio and more strategies need to be made first.

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