Over the summer when the stock market was recovering my friend asked me "how do I buy a stock?" As we continued to talk, videogames came up, which over the summer in quarantine we ended up playing for hours. Making a first-lifetime trade can be intimidating. Reading blogs over the summer about new retail investors, I was frightened to see the lack of education and knowledge surrounding stocks. I thought a game explaining basic or even more complex financial terms would benefit new investors and bigger firms alike.

What it does

It's run like a real first-person video game. You spawn in with a money bag and a bullish sword. There are flying bearish Cypher patterns and floating money you have to collect. Get to the bank so you can talk to a financial advisor.

How I built it

Using the unity game engine, I built the trees seen in the game the terrain and used Unity's default textures for the landscape. From here I opened MAYA to do some 3D modeling. The sword, money bag, bank, and bearish pattern are all made by me. The sky was imported from as a free asset from the Unity store, as well as the grass is seen in the game. Now we get to the player movements, using a bunch of C# scripts and a Quaternion the player movement was developed. The sword swing animation was made in Unity's animator system. The lightning and rain on the mountain utilize the particle system in Unity.

Challenges I ran into

The input system at one point was being buggy, I had to figure out the problem and realized I was dealing with a newer incompatible version of Unity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time I built a full-fledged game in 2 or so days by myself.

What I learned

I learned a lot about Unity particle systems, the terrain system, the animation system


WASD, the mouse for camera movement, left click for sword slash.

What's next for Capital Capture

I would love to see Capital Capture involve more levels and abilities. These of course would all surround financial terms. This is a really rough sketch of the idea.

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