Checking your bank account is usually a rather boring task for everyone and this is why we decided to come up with a fun and easy way of managing our bank account. We considered some of the most convenient ways to get this assistance and realised it should be something that people use on a daily basis. This is why we decided to integrate it into one of the most social and widely used apps currently in use - Facebook Messenger.

What it does

Capital Assistant is a chatbot which uses language processing to process your input and learn from it, which allows it to access details about your banking information in a conversational and easy-to-use manner. It is integrated with Facebook messenger which allows for a seamless transition from talking to your friends to managing your finanances.

How we built it

We used node.js & ngrok to host our microservices, we used talkify & natural node for our language processing, and we used the Capital One API for data management & the Twilio API for SMS notifications. We also use the facebook developer tools to host our assistant as a messaging client.

Challenges we ran into

Our two main difficulties were setting up and managing our microservices such as the facebook developer API, and fine-tuning the accuracy of our languge processor to allow for as close to real life representation as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully overcame our challenges and managed to build a fully functioning chatbot which can be used on both Facebook, using Twilio & on a simple socket-based chat service by multiple people at the same time. All of this while delivering real-time account information and analytics. We also accomplished our goal to deliver a fraud-detection system which notifies you about suspicious transactions on your account.

What we learned

We learned a lot about building microservices, about building chat bots and how natural language processing works. We have also become a lot more familiar with ES6 and Node.js during this experience.

What's next for Capital Assistant

There are many improvements to be made to Capital Assistant. A lof of them are non-functional requirements like availability and fault rate of the system. There are also things like the accuracy of our language processor and extending our existing functionaliity to allow for more in-depth analytics and helpful tips.

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