Calucating the Cumulative Average Point (CAP) is never a enjoyable thing for NUS students. However, using the annoying NUS Online CAP Calculator make things worse: you have to enter the module credit, module code, and the result you received by yourself! In addition, you have to bear with its ugly UI as well as the slow response speed in order to find out your desireable CAP! Even worse, if you get a CAP of 4.999999, how can you show off to your friends on facebook?

That's why we introduce you CapCalc today. It is a smart, light-weight, powerful and beautiful app specially designed for calculating CAP for NUS student.


  • Automation. You can retrieve every module you have taken in NUS within seconds. No manually input needed.
  • Up to date. All module data are synced with the latest IVLE database. You will never be afraid of making mistake.
  • Explain in charts. We provide you colorful charts to sum up your progress, like how many modules you have taken, and what is the trend of your cap.
  • Show-off. We migrate Facebook into CapCalc. Desire to show off your 5.0 CAP? It is time to do so.
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