CAO - making charity more transparent

What it does

  1. Set up donation with 8x for decentralized recurring payment
  2. Use Metamask/Coinbase Wallet
  3. Portal to allocate resources (natural disaster, clothing basics etc.)
  4. Select items for category
  5. Set of charitable assets will be created using Set Protocol
  6. Redemption

How we built it

Frontend — React
UI/Prototyping — SketchApp
Smart Contracts — Truffle and Solidity

Challenges we ran into

  • Thinking about the logistics of the technology and create ease of use transition of the workflow
  • Doesn't happen ERC 721

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The functionality of creating a Set of assets

What we learned

  • Learn how to bundle Sets using Set Protocol
  • Create recurring payment service using 8x Protocol

What's next for CAO

  • Optimize the category allocation and creation UX
  • ERC725 identity confirmation of funded charities
  • EIP-712 signed messages to confirm reception of Set bundles
  • Integrate with Colony
  • MultiSig

Built With

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