What if everyone on earth could draw on the same canvas, the earth itself?
What would they draw? Would they collaborate or try to sabotage others' drawings?
Would it bring new kind of interactions?

We wanted to find out the answer to these questions with Canvearth.

How to use it

The map of the earth is divided into little pixels.(about 20 meters wide, 20 meters high)

  1. Fill a pixel that you are on with any color.
  2. Be creative! Shout out a supportive message, draw your favorite cartoon character or contribute to others' drawings! Remember, you'll need to move a lot if you want your drawing to be big.
  3. Zoom out and check out the pixel art created by you and others all around the world.
  4. You can capture the drawings on the map(canvas) and share it to others via Facebook.

How we built it

Most of the heavy lifting is done with Firebase and Google map in Android. Facebook is used for user authentication and sharing.

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging parts were,

  1. Guaranteeing good enough performance while still showing beautiful pixel art for the users.
  2. Customizing Google map to meet our needs.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  1. Coming up with a creative idea that could bridge on and offline experiences and bring a new kind of interaction between people all around the world.
  2. Guaranteeing good enough performance so that the user can have fun coloring the pixels on the map.
  3. Mostly beautiful UI.

What's next for Canvearth

  • Finishing touches for the UI
  • Better performance
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