Let's face it = Canvas can be annoying sometimes. You want to see your upcoming assignments? Well, you have to navigate to each individual course page, click on assignments, and write it down in your notes. After facing this issue several times, I was inspired to create canvAssignments - an easy way to see all of you upcoming assignments for ALL of your classes in two simple steps.

What it does

canvAssignments is a simple Twilio service that hosts a Selenium Python Web Crawler. This crawler simply asks for your NetID and Password and in a few minutes, you can see all of your assignments! No manual login or website navigation required.

How we built it

I built canvAssignments using a Selenium Python Web Crawler integrated with BeautifulSoup, hosted on a Python Flask backend. The whole application is also ran through the Twilio SMS service allowing users to accomplish what they need through one single place.

What's next for canvAssignments

Next, I hope to also integrate Sakai assignments and courses as well as have an option to see your upcoming exams.

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