Many of our friends are local artists who are always trying to find a way to share their art to others. We wanted to create something that not only helps out local artists, but helps supporting roles in art sharing (specifically galleries).

What it does

We found a perfect balance of designers, strategists, and developers to create a website that brings the community together and will partner with local galleries such as 44 Gaukel in Kitchener Waterloo to allow people to view and purchase art created locally and connect with local artists. We allow users to share their art in an environment that gives them equal opportunity to be seen, engaged with, and purchased. Most importantly we have implemented a feature in our website that entices, fosters mystery, and informs the user that some art can only be viewed and purchased in their local gallery.

How we built it

First, a prototype was created using Figma and Sketch to create the design of the website. Then the website was built using HTML and CSS code.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the challenge of purpose with our website, we didn’t have a great way to bring people into local galleries and way to make money with our website or a way to set it apart from similar platforms. With the help of our team and mentors, we were able to solve this problem by brainstorming and thinking about what people who enjoy art would find interesting and enticing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud to have overcame an issue we faced earlier in our production. We discussed our options with mentors and organizers in order to find a course of action.

What we learned

We learned the importance of getting feedback from mentors and people around us, when you run with an idea for a while without getting outside feedback, that is a sure way to set you back. We managed to get feedback that was extremely helpful but also made us question our whole idea and made us go back to the drawing board. We will be sure to ask for feedback through every step of our process so we will not run into the same challenges we once did.

What's next for Canvas

Next, we intend to integrate new features onto Canvas, for example, displaying augmented reality models for each paintings in their actual sizes, so that the buyers can try positioning the painting in their homes or offices before buying it. More features like the one mentioned will be integrate to make Canvas more unique and helpful to our target audience.

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