More students are using online learning platforms to do their work. A popular platform is Canvas. It is often difficult to work with Canvas, as it has its own personal calendar which cannot be exported. This is the same for other applications. With teachers using different applications, it is often difficult for students to keep all the assignments together.

What it does

This program is meant to transfer the calendar activities from Canvas and other learning platforms to a personal calendar (currently Google Calendars), allowing for more convenience for the student user. As of now, the program supports Canvas and Google Classroom.

How I built it and What I learned

I learnt how to UiPath Studio. Through a series of clicks, typing, and OCR, the program transfers the information from Canvas to a personal calendar. I learned a lot about UiPath and WorkFlow. I learnt how use Computer Vision and OCR. I also learned how to create variables

Challenges I ran into

It was difficult to set up UiPath. Once there, I had to learn about the different activities. Also, working with times were difficult and organising my workflow.

What's next for Canvas Calendar Transfer

I hope to make it more robust and less glitchy. It's also very specified to my machine right now; I want to make it more broad and general. Also, I'd like to make it export in bulk and make it compatible with more programs. In addition, I would like to make a nice UI, which I was unable to do due to time restraints.

Built With

  • rpa
  • uipath
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