Lots of people think that creating their own NFTs is difficult just because of the involvement of the coding part so canvaMint is an inspiration for me to create NFTs just by using canvas and it will automatically be minted on IPFS and generate metadata for NFT.

What it does

canvaMint is a decentralized application (Daap) where users can simply create their own digital work using canvas and that work will be deployed on IPFS and then dapp will generate metadata for NFT. After all, this user can see their collection on the dashboard

How we built it

I use react for frontend and truffle framework for compiling contracts, deploying contracts, injecting it into a dapp, for NFT image storage I've used IPFS decentralized storage system.

Challenges we ran into

  1. For understanding the logic of smart contracts
  2. Not able to get a proper buffer of the image because of error in toDataURL
  3. Difficulties while implementing web3.js to smart contracts
  4. Also face some difficulties in React because I'm from a backend background.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Completed this Blockchain project using IPFS
  2. Learnt how to connect IPFS, smart contracts, and web3 with Truffle
  3. Truffle React Box
  4. Ethereum blockchain

What we learned

  1. Dapp, smart contracts, and web3 working
  2. IPFS working for image storing and getting hash
  3. Awsome application of Web3 and NFTs in real world

What's next for canvaMint

Deploying this project on mainnet Ethereum blockchain I'm going to add WalletConnect feature so that mobile users also can use it. Also NFT ownership transfer feature from one account to another account

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