Current situation at a glance The website summarizes all current information on the subject of corona and refugees and visualizes the current situation in Germany and at the European external border.

Establishment of a support network Since there are already many initiatives that are devoted to this or similar topics, our main goal is to push existing campaigns and petitions and to offer a networking platform for further cooperation. In addition, our website makes it easier for individuals to become active and offers a stage for major campaigns. In the coming weeks and months, this website could become a support and networking platform at European level, as the website will be available in different languages.


· Individuals who have not dealt with the topic at all or only little, and who want to find out more and also would like to receive incentives to act · Organizations and institutions (e.g. initiatives, associations, religious communities) that already have knowledge and have started their own campaigns and want to network further in order to achieve a greater reach · Politicians who support our demands and see the platform as a resource · Cities and municipalities that are ready to accept other vulnerable people · People in public life (e.g. influencers) who can and want to use their public sphere for a positive purpose

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