We were inspired by how difficult it was for us to simply recycle. When we were faced with the choice standing over a trash can, it would invariably be an involved decision. We wanted to automate that so we can move on with our daily lives while still protecting the environment

What it does

Our hack is in two parts -- a trash attachment and a phone app. The trash attachment detects an object using a mounted proximity sensor. This triggers the script to take a picture of the trash, and analyze it for what category it would land in. Then using a 3d printed mount, we would carefully dispense the trash into the correct bin -- Recycling, Landfill, or Compost.

If there is no trash component, then the user can simply open up our app, snap a picture, and be told within split seconds which bin to toss the item into!

How We built it

We used Python and the Arduino programming language for the backend, and various hardware tools.

Challenges We ran into

Mechanical Engineering is not our strong suit. We ran into a lot of issues trying to make the mechanics of the hack actually work.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We built tools that would work for people, even if they don't have our fancy gadgetry!

What I learned

Do Mechanical work ahead of time, coding is easier.

What's next for CanSort

Sorted trash, but for dogs. And a more realistic physical implementation of the device.

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