Every one of us grew up traveling. It was something you did and not something you thought of. It was something that your parents made you do. Now, whether it's because you don't have enough time or money or can't be bothered to go through the hassle, traveling is becoming harder and harder. That's where Canoe comes in.

What it does

Canoe is a mobile application which takes away this hassle. Given where a user has liked or would like to travel, as well as their budget, Canoe suggests a personalized list of destinations _ and _ airfares catered to their preferences. It scours the web for the best prices on flights, and generates a list that balances your potential interest in a travel destination and affordability.

How we built it

Canoe is strictly a mobile facing application. We use Microsoft Azure to host our application backend as well as our location and user data. We leverage Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs (Recommendations, Bing Image Search) to handle destination recommenadtion and image querying, and we leverage Amadeus APIs to handle inspired (near un-parameterized) and most popular trip/destination retrieval. We use NodeJS and Express on the back end and React Native on the front end.

Challenges we ran into

  • Map issues
  • No Azure experience
  • Testing
  • No React Native experience
  • Version control ## Accomplishments that we're proud of A lot of the time with short projects like these you end up with either a nice interface _ OR _ decent functionality, but I think we were able to get the right amount of both! ## What we learned We learned SO many new technologies. And also new ways to improve our workflow! Also how some of the APIs we used come up in industry and commercially. ## What's next for Canoe We're all pretty excited to be able to flesh it out a little more. It definitely needs to be more robust, and it could always use a little more customization. And of course a bit of polish.

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