The wealth and scope of scientific knowledge has always inspired me.

What it does

Scientific Constants is an amazingly easy way to search and read NIST constants for "Thermocouple (NIST SRD 60)", "Fundamental Physical Constants (NIST SRD 121)", "Atomic weights and Isotopic Composition (NIST SRD 144)".

The application is very user friendly to search any of the above NIST data sets quickly and easily. The data presentation is laid out both in tables and intelligent graphics that will certainly save users a great deal of time when searching and cross checking multiple tables to apply the values necessary for their task or scientific interest.

Thermocouple database (NIST SRD 60) allows user to search using various options such as selecting Temperature or coefficients/Inverse coefficients. Fundamental Physical constants (NIST SRD 121) can be rapidly searched with a single entry that provides the constant's details include dimension or Units and the uncertainty numbers. Lastly, an intuitive and meaningful usage of Colors helps users to search for Atomic Weights (NIST SRD 144) and their isotopic composition details.

Any and all feedback, suggestions and user experience ideas are welcome either from any existing applications for this or any application you see as valuable in the future. Everything will be considered as we endeavor to bring this invaluable data to the hands of scientists, engineers and interested students and followers of science.

How I built it

I built it in stages, beginning with just getting all the data elements and tables entered.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was staying focused on producing the application and not diverting my attention to all of the cool science around the physics and chemistry around these data sets.

#Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The search functionality and the combination of data across tables.

What I learned

I learned that partial search on large non-indexed data is difficult to code for a reasonable user experience.

What's next for CannySofts Thermocouple Epic App - Most of the next steps will be on adding graphics to the data, so that users can see the trends in the data visually.

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