We were inspired by the Canned Forms feature in Freshdesk and not to mention the post in Ideation Platform about implementing it for Freshchat :)

What it does

In many scenarios, a fixed list of information is needed before an agent can help a customer. And doing this over chat can get cumbersome and inefficient with a lot of to and fro between the agent and customer. This can be solved by providing the agents with a set of canned forms to gather the information.

Canned Forms app allows the agents to create and save form templates in freshchat. Whenever needed, they can send across the form to the customer in a click and get back the consolidated response inside the chat window.

How I built it

We used the fdk to build an app that can allow the agents to create and save form templates and also list the available templates for use. We built a node js application to serve the form templates and to send the response back into freshchat.

What's next for Canned Forms for Freshchat

1) Maintain lists of personal forms and org-wide forms 2) Integrate the form to be rendered inside the freshchat window 3) Integrate freshdesk canned forms into freshchat if available 4) Allow form previews and easier editing options 5) Allow more field type options

Built With

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