The Problem

Getting a medical recommendation in order to legally gain access to medical marijuana is difficult, time consuming, and flat out inconvenient for would-be patients.

The Solution

Cannadoc provides online consultations with medical professionals who can issue medical marijuana permits. After a quick consultation, patients are able retrieve their licenses instantly, which can then be used for making purchases both online as well as at dispensaries.

The Future

The core service of providing medical marijuana licenses is useful both to patients as well as to online retailers looking for a more seamless onboarding process for new users. In addition to offering integrations with these services, we intend to integrate with a farm-to-table marijuana distribution pipeline.

Core Features

  • Simple Onboarding for patients
  • Integrated Video Chat
  • Patients wait in a queue with automatic refreshing and time estimates
  • Doctors are fed patients from the queue in a first-come first-served manner that accommodates several doctors on the site at once
  • Individualized photo license generation
  • Downloadable licenses
  • Licenses emailed to patients
  • Verification of licenses

Built With

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